Inter Movers offers convenient storage services to help during those times when your new home isn’t quite ready to move into. Whether you need long or short term storage options, we can handle it all. We have high quality facilities available at every US port so your belongings will be conveniently stored and ready to ship whenever you are ready for them. We’ll keep all your items together and well protected to ensure they are not lost or damaged, no matter how long they stay in our facility. Whether you are storing common household items or priceless pieces of art, we’ll take all necessary steps to keep them safe while in our care. Our facilities are designed to store virtually anything you might own, and do so in a cost effective and safe manner.

Our storage solutions allow to your goods to be suitably kept in our secure warehouses throughout US.  When it's household goods, office furniture goods, Inter Movers is there to supply the support which you require for seamless experience.