2020-05-24, 20:38
Excellent service, best price quote. Partial container load (no furniture) from New York to Brussels. Great pick-up crew. Easy communication- I was kept informed every step of the way. Perfect delivery. It was a trauma-free move. FIVE STARS *****
Texas to Panama
2020-03-20, 16:23
Not a Good Experience. Not upfront on charges. Many things broken/damaged - mainly antiques. Some things missing altogether. Do your homework people. Buy the insurance - but even that was a ridiculous waste of time & money.
Petra Califante
2016-07-26, 14:47
I am one of their happy customers After moving to Shanghai, China from Washington, DC within the schedule, without any damage and within the budget, I am really happy with Inter Movers. This company was recommended by a friend. So, I called them for a quote. After speaking to their sales rep Michael, I got confidence. He was very keen to know about the nature of my move and also informed me clearly what they can do and what not. Their partner in Shanghai was also great and professional mover. Did customs clearance and delivered my goods and unpacked all my boxes. Great job.
Can this be real?x
2015-12-05, 01:14
They won my trust I am hard to impress and I am not a person who takes anything less than perfect. So, when Inter Movers was hired for my relocation, I had enough doubts on them. But they proved that they are one of the gallants of international moving services. They moved me out of Buffalo, NY to London, UK within a very short notice and within a very tight budget. It was not easy moving the piano and the pool table with so many valuables and breakables but they managed to deliver everything in one piece and kept the final price within my reach. You guys really did well. I am obviously going to call you when I will move back to USA.
Sandra Lam
2015-05-16, 09:42
!Relocating from New York to Toronto via Inter-Movers in NY then Orbit in TO was an extremely smooth process. I was quoted the cheapest price and was able to bring everything (ended up saving hundreds not having to rebuy household items, kitchenware, products etc.) with zero hidden fees.

Specifically, Inter Movers made sure I prepared all the proper customs paperwork, detailing the logistics and answered all my questions promptly. Michael Stein and the crew were all very professional and polite. I packed my 15 or so bins (better that owners to so for customs clearance) and the few furniture items I need wrapped were packaged and taped up then loaded onto the truck within 20 minutes!

I am extremely grateful to Inter Movers for making my transition easier than anticipated. Definitely recommend this company.

Klaudia F.
2015-03-26, 04:42
These guys were Awesome ! Very professional and very pleasant to deal with. They quoted me one rate but after the move was completed it ended up not costing as much as was originally quoted. I will definitely use them again.
Albert Charles
2015-02-19, 07:39
Great service, even better price!
The last thing I wanted to do was to move to Canada for work.

All my family and friends were here in US but when an offer like this came up, I just couldn’t refuse.

I called a few International movers and something about the rest didn’t sound like I was getting all the information I needed.

Michael from Inter Movers provided me with full details on my upcoming move, verified a few details for me in regards to car transport.

Long story short, I felt very comfortable in booking a move with this company.

The day of my move, everything went smoothly. The crew that arrived were awesome.

They packed everything I had with such ease, I can really tell they knew what they were doing.

As promised my things were delivered in a given time frame. I was very pleased with their service.

Patricio Gena
2015-01-30, 12:37
Thank you for making our move easy. I suddenly had to move too Rome Italy because my job got relocated. I contacted multiple movers but I have decided to go ahead with inter movers and I will tell you why. The Sales person on the phone was so knowledgeable of all customs formalities that I was simply amazed. I was given a few helpful suggestions that only a experienced person would know. I have booked my move for January 3, 2015 for 9am. 8:45 in the morning my doorbell rings I open the door and surely enough 3 movers politely greeted me and started to pack and wrap my belongings. I have asked them if they wanted coffee and I went downstairs to buy coffee.
When I came upstairs I couldn't believe me eyes how much packing was already done in that short period of time. I just simply said WOW!!!! I received my shipment in Rome yesterday all my goods were exactly in the same condition as they have left my apartment In the U.S. I strongly recommend this company for any international shipments you will Definitely not regret it.
Grady Sparks
2014-11-25, 02:16
The best company My office way paying for the relocation and I had the liberty to choose the mover. That is why I decided on Inter Movers because of their reputation. They proved that their reputation counts. The sales guy was very active, responsive and attentive and made all the pre-move arrangements perfectly and the team of workers did really well to making sure of a safe and sound transit. They moved me all the way from Trenton, NJ to Mumbai, India. I actually moved across the continent but never felt the pressure because of Inter Movers. Really, this is the ultimate company which has the best set of movers and most cooperative sales team.
2014-11-24, 06:56
Twice in 3 years. Three years ago they moved me from Jersey City, NJ to Sydney, Australia and just a month ago they moved me back to Jersey City once again. I hired Inter Movers again for international shipping because of my previous experience using them. This company is surely is one of the best in business and they know how to get the job done within a very tight budget and time constraints. I am glad that I moved twice with Inter Movers.
Emmett G.
2014-11-24, 01:55
It was hard to find a good company for an international move. But luckily I got Inter Movers and hired them because of their great reputation and very reasonable price. My move was scheduled in quick time and I was offered the best possible deal by their sales rep and the crew did an excellent job in packing and moving my stuff from NY to Singapore without a hitch, any hidden fees or any fuss.
2014-11-22, 03:56
Good Job! My company hired Inter Movers for my recent relocation to another continent!! These guys proved to really good and provided good value of money. They moved us from New York to Vienna, Austria within just 3 weeks and made sure I get all my belongings in one piece. But I would have appreciated if they could provide a precise estimate. Final cost was $400 higher than the quote but it was okay considering the service.
Paul M
2014-11-22, 01:28
I knew that Inter Movers is a good company for international moves. One of my friends used Inter Movers few months back and he recommended them to me. So, I called and asked for a quote. The onsite estimate was highly precise and the service was even better. Sales guy explained the entire process and accommodated all my requirements without any issues. Their crew did a terrific job in packing and loading the whole house in New Jersey and shipped my stuff to Cape Town, South Africa within the deadline. I received all the valuables in one piece and paid exactly what was quoted. So, I am gladly recommending Inter Movers.
Orville Frank
2014-11-18, 06:21
Good job We hired Inter Movers a few months ago to do our move from Chicago, IL to our new house in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were AMAZING. As someone who moves a LOT, they have been by far the best. Showed up on time, super friendly and professional, and very quick and insanely attentive to detail, put everything where it needed to be, didn't mind waiting around while we figured out where things had to go, etc.. And they were very careful with our breakable things. Would use them again over any other company we've used.
Geoffrey K.
2014-11-17, 03:40
This is the first time that I had used Inter Movers and I was very impressed with their competency, efficiency and quickness of the 3 men who were assigned to move my mother's items. I had the criteria that had to be met to suit the needs of an elderly woman and they were. The team arrived on time and nothing was too much trouble. Packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking were fast and flawless and the final price was within the reach.
Doyle Shelton
2014-11-16, 02:23
Will be using Inter Movers again. Inter Movers is not new to me. I used this company once in the past (while relocating to Paris, France from Chicago, IL). I was so impressed that I did not even bother to get a quote from other movers to compare. I just called and asked them to pack and move my belongings back to Chicago. They completed the paper work quickly and asked for a very reasonable amount. They moved all my belongings safe and sound and charged within the estimated amount. Actually I always expect 100% from them and they never fail to deliver. No matter when I move again, I will call Inter Movers.
Dexter D.
2014-11-15, 01:35
I really do not know how to thank these fine people of Inter Movers. They moved me from an apartment in New York to my new house in London, UK in record time and without a single damage! Their manager planned and organized the process with great efficiency and the foreman and his team served all my needs without a hitch. I was worried for the breakables and for the piano but these guys knew what to do and how. They acted according to the situation and ensured a safe transit. Wonderful experience it was.
Max Fleming
2014-11-12, 02:31
Perfection achieved I could have gone with a cheaper company but I preferred to use a reputed company and Inter Movers was within my budget. The sales guy was very responsive and helpful. He answered my calls no matter when I called and explained me the entire process. Movers arrived on time, supplied free boxes for packing, wrapped and boxed the valuables, padded my furniture, loaded nicely on the truck and left my place at Chicago, IL. They did not keep me waiting in Milan, Italy for the delivery which was made even before the schedule!! Nothing was damaged or dented. I got everything in perfect condition and paid almost a similar amount which was quoted earlier.
Timothy A.
2014-11-11, 01:42
I really do not know how to thank the sales rep, foreman and the manager of Inter Movers. I was a combined effort by these fine people. They moved me from Newark, NJ to Adelaide, Australia and guess what? They moved me in record time without any mess and charged a very moderate amount. These guys knew what was coming; they had the complete preparation for the odd situations, accommodated my last minute requirements flawlessly and effortlessly moved all those big and heavy furniture. I really do not know how to thank Inter Movers for what they have done for me.
Eduardo Lewis
2014-11-08, 01:38
Great company; good price Inter Movers moved me from New York to Jeddah, KSA. I relocated to another continent and cost was a big issue for me. But they were fairly priced and provided excellent services. Packing and loading was done in record time and without a hitch and the delivery was made within the schedule. Though my stuff traveled such a long distance but nothing was damaged or broken. I got everything that I asked for. Great work guys. Keep it up.
Mack S.
2014-11-07, 01:57
This is a very good moving company for international shipping. I was recently transferred to Paris, France to our European HQ and my office was paying the moving expenses. I hired Inter Movers because of their reputation. They did well to wrap and box the delicate stuff and breakable and shipped everything to Paris within the allotted time. I received my belongings in good condition but few glass wares was broken which really did not matter most. Overall, I am happy.
2014-11-07, 01:24
Good company for international shipping They moved all my belongings to Berlin, Germany from Chicago, IL and provided a satisfactory performance. Movers packed the whole house in quick time, nicely wrapped and boxed my valuables and padded the furniture and moved everything to Berlin. Nothing was damaged and the final price was within the estimated cost. But they made the delivery ONE DAY late which was little annoying. However, I am happy.
2014-11-05, 01:41
Go with the best team I used many moving companies over the years and most of the time they robbed me, destroyed my valuables and some were thieves!!! So, this time I was determined to find a reliable company and this time I was moving to another country, so it was not easy. I did my research and finally hired Inter Movers. It proved to be a great decision. The sales guy was very transparent. He clearly mentioned what they can do for me, what I should expect and what not, onsite estimate was very precise and my move was scheduled in quick time. Foreman arrived with his team on time at the move day, worked really hard, took great care of my valuables and breakables and made sure everything was properly wrapped and boxed. They never complained because they had to use the stair ways, completed the task within the deadline and apart from a glass nothing was damaged or broken. I would like to give this company 99.9 out of 100.
2014-11-04, 10:00
Got the desired service I had to be very quick in relocating out of Buffalo, NY and settle in my new work place in Perth, Australia. Now I am in Perth in my new house with my family. I would like to thank Inter Movers for arranging this move within a very short notice and still able to deliver the desired service. Their packing and moving services were simply flawless and the sales staff proved to be very helpful. I am glad with the service and very happy with the moderate price.
Theodore W
2014-11-04, 02:28
I have relocated from one continent to another about a month ago. Actually I should have done this a long time ago. However, let me share my experience with Inter Movers. When I called them, I spoke with their sales rep, he sent another guy for an onsite estimate which was highly precise and then completed the paper work. The foreman and his helpers arrived on time at the move day, did the packing and moving without any hiccups and never ever gave any reasons to complain for. They were very fast and accurate. The absorbed all the stress and gave me enough reasons to smile. Just because of these guys I relocated to Singapore from Washington, DC without a hitch.
Mack Adams
2014-09-27, 02:11
Excellent service I relocated to Singapore with my family because of a great job opportunity.. At first, we were a little stressed out with all the changes we had to make. After contacting several moving companies (most of which just wanted to sell me fast) I decided to go with Inter Movers. The sales guy made me feel comfortable and walked me all the way through. Let me tell you, they came to our house and did a walk through in our 4 bedrooms, kitchen and family room. They picked everything up within a month dropped everything off in Singapore. Thanks Inter Movers, we will defiantly recommend you guys!
2014-09-23, 04:26
Very helpful & efficient Moving from Chicago, IL to Cape Town, SA with so many things and with the pets was quite a tough task. But things have become easy for us because of the excellent performance by the staffs and movers of Inter Movers. We hired this company only for the packing and moving services and they arrived on time at the move day and packed the whole house quickly, used plenty of tapes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and padded the furniture nicely, double checked for errors. These guys helped us a lot to complete the packing and then moved our valuables to Cape Town, South Africa. I thank them for the extra effort. However, moving was done with perfection. Nothing was damaged or missing or broken, not even a glass and the price were very reasonable too. It was really a great move from the start to finish.
2014-09-20, 12:08
Just wonderful It was an amazing experience moving from Buffalo, NY to Dubai, UAE with Inter Movers. I was very nervous at the beginning because I was moving to another continent and I never wanted to be ruined by the movers. That is why I researched a lot on international shippers and finally made up my mind to go with Inter Movers. it proved to be a very good decision. They have moved all my belongings within the schedule and did not damage anything. This company is not cheap but they have made my money count. These guys are real professionals and they have all necessary knowledge and experience to handle an international move. I was never under any stress by them and I was being served really well. I am very thankful to the rep and the crew for a very smooth relocation.
Wesley T.
2014-09-19, 05:30
Moving to another country means you have every possible chance to end up your move like a nightmare. I knew I have to hire a very experienced and reliable company. So, I did not look for the cheapest option. I hired Inter Movers to pack and move all my belongings all the way from Chicago, IL to Seoul, South Korea. I was asked my Boss to join our regional HQ at Seoul and my company was paying the relocation expenses. However, I felt very confident after talking to their sales rep. he was very keen to figure out my requirements, visited my house for an onsite estimate and scheduled the move according to my preferences. Everything was done smoothly in papers. And the execution was even better. These guys asked me to take one step back and relax while they packed the entire house and said I will be getting my stuffs within one month. They kept their commitment, I received all my belongings in Seoul at the 30th day from the pickup and all my valuables were unharmed. The final price was within $50 from the estimated amount, which was also great. Being honest, I never thought of having such a stress free, neat and timely move but they made that possible. Well done boys.
Rickey Hicks
2014-09-18, 01:05
Overall a good company Day before yesterday I received all my valuables and other stuffs in Manila, Philippines, at my new house. Thanks to the team of Inter Movers for the great packing and moving services. They have managed to complete the task without any major damage and made sure the safety of the delicate and fragile stuffs. Everything was done right from the packing to delivery and setting up the furniture. I would obviously recommend Inter Movers to my friends because of their great service and very affordable price but just one complain – they were one day late but that is ok with me.
A. Bishop
2014-09-17, 02:13
They moved us with ease On behalf of my family I would like to thank and recommend Inter Movers for the job well done. We choose this company out of many options. Some of the estimates were a lot cheaper from Inter Movers but I personally selected this company because of their reputation. These guys are not new in the business and they know their job really well. When I received a call from their rep, I had many questions and I got all the satisfactory answers from her. Their outside estimator quickly arrived at my place and gave us a very precise estimate and also explained the entire moving process. It was great to see the packing crew arriving on time. They have packed the whole house quickly and made sure they check everything twice. All my valuables, delicate and fragile items were nicely wrapped and boxed. Later the moving crew did an awesome job. I was not able to notice a single fumble during loading or unloading. These guys moved everything without even a dent from Stamford, CT to Dhaka, Bangladesh and charged an amount almost identical with the estimate!! Being honest, I never felt that I moved to another country. These people are real movers.
2014-09-13, 02:22
They did great While moving to Melbourne, Australia from Washington, DC - I decided to use Inter Movers because of their reputation. My moving advisor organized the entire move very efficiently and the crew chief and his men delivered a lot more than what I was looking for. They have packed all my stuffs with great care and loaded nicely on the trucks and moved them to Melbourne without any delay but they damaged my sofa and broke few glasses. Everything was where it supposed to be and the condition of my belongings was simply great (apart from the damaged sofa). I appreciate the extra effort that they put on and definitely happy with the final cost which just $110 more than the estimated price. So, thanks a lot Inter Movers.
2014-09-12, 06:48
Real professionals I was afraid of moving outside of USA because of my past experiences. But his time I experienced the excellence of execution. Inter Movers is not the cheapest but they are worth every penny. They made my money count, provided everything that I asked for, ensured a safe and sound packing and moving, charged within the quoted amount and never gave me a chance to complain. That is what professionalism is all about.
2014-09-10, 02:25
I am one of their happy customers After moving to Beijing, China from Washington, DC within the schedule, without any damage and within the budget, I am really happy with Inter Movers. This company was recommended by a friend. So, I called them for a quote. After speaking to their sales rep, I got confidence. He was very keen to know about the nature of my move and also informed me clearly what they can do and what not. He was not pushy at all and that impressed me a lot. However, I booked my move with Inter Movers and now I am writing this review from Beijing as one of their happy customers.
2014-09-07, 04:57
I strongly recommend Really do not know how to thank these movers for the excellent service that I got from them. While moving to Canberra, Australia from Jersey City, NJ - I used Inter Movers. I had many other moving options but decided on Inter Movers because of the price they asked and for the reputation. I could figure out the differences between Inter Movers and other movers from the first phone call (though I moved internationally for the first time). Their sales guy was very smart to figure out my needs and offered me an offer which was tailor made for me. And later the moving team did wonders with my move. They saved good amount of time and money by going the extra miles and completed the move without any hassles. After the completion of my move they asked me to check the inventory, so I did and did not get a reason to complain. I am really impressed with their service and I would like to recommend this company to everyone.
2014-09-03, 10:09
Thanks a lot Thanks to our foreman and the sales rep for getting the job done without any hassles. First of all – the sales guy was very responsive and attentive and quoted the best possible price and also accommodated the date we asked for and the foreman and his crew packed the entire house like real pros. They were very careful dealing with the fragile and delicate stuffs, never complained that they had to use the narrow stairways and executed the maneuvers with ease. It was a move very nicely executed by one of the best moving team. I thank Inter Movers for a very smooth, neat and stress free move within the estimated amount. Obviously this move was special because it was an international move.
Barry Nichols
2014-08-31, 02:17
Good company to work with! Friendly service, right on top of anything you need, they totally go with the flow of your move (very flexible). You hear so many horror stories about movers, but I can actually say there is a reputable moving company out there when you are moving internationally. My cousin recommended Inter Movers and I am very happy she did! I almost went with another mover which was way too overpriced! (I swear your just paying for the name). But these guys moved me from Trenton, NJ to Singapore and charged lot less than the other company. The only problem was regarding with the punctuality. They started late and also completed late. But they did the rest without a hitch. Such an international move and that too without any damaged or missing or broken stuffs means lot. However, I would still prefer using Inter Movers when I will be going back to USA.
2014-08-31, 02:03
I am a happy customer Moving from Salt lake City, UT to Madrid, Spain was a huge task ahead for me. Finally I have accomplished the task and I thank Inter Movers for their great support. Our sales rep was very helpful and always willing to give the best. He assigned the best crew for packing our stuffs and moving them and also offered a very reasonable price. Packing an entire 5 bed room house was not that easy, especially when they had to deal with some very fragile and delicate stuffs and also managing my dog at the same time. It was good to notice the packers and movers being so friendly and kind with my pet. However, packing was flawless, moving was done within the allotted time and unloading went without any surprise. We received all our valuables without even a little dent but the final price was a bit higher than the estimate. Apart from that, it was a great moving experience with Inter Movers.
2014-08-10, 10:15
Moved to Beijing from Chicago Thanks for not letting me down. My best friend recently received a great job offer in Beijing, China and needed to relocate there. He was not used to having to deal with these types of things at all and was panicking. The movers she contacted really gave him a hard time. He asked me to help in talking to movers and help get her move started. The guys at Inter Movers were awesome and so helpful with recommendations and solutions to problems. I was impressed and advised her to go with them. They treated his with the utmost respect and their performance exceeded my hopes. He reported that it was an easy move and that they anticipated any potential problem. He sends his thanks for a 5 Star performance!
Luis Crawford
2014-08-10, 01:33
Excellent Movers for International Move I have moved many a time in my life however the majority of moves were always unpleasant, expensive and difficult. But this time I needed to move to another country. After being transferred to Madrid, Spain, I had very little time to leave Clifton, NJ. After going through many review sites, calling and talking with many movers, I decided on Inter Movers. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of professionalism starting from the office to the crew to the management. Every concern I had was addressed properly and my goods were handled with respect. You hear so many horror stories about moves gone wrong so when a move goes right I feel the need to express my gratitude to Inter Movers.
Jaime Dunn
2014-08-06, 01:59
I was amazed! Inter Movers is surely is one of the best moving companies for international moving services. I have moved many times in my life and used many movers. But during my most recent move, which was huge because I was moving to another country (USA - Poland) I used Inter Movers and I was amazed with their excellent service and very reasonable price! These guys did everything necessary to fulfill my requirements. The sales rep, estimator, customer service staff and the crew played their roles to the perfection. The way they managed to wrap, box and move all those crystal and glass ware and the very delicate antiques and the grand piano was something really special. I never expected a move without any delay, any damage, and any hidden cost but for the very first time in my life I got a picture perfect move. Thanks a lot guys.
2014-08-06, 01:27
They made my money count I am always willing to pay a good amount for the quality service. But I never want to waste my money. That is why I never go for the cheaper things. Recently I moved to Ankara, Turkey from Chicago, IL and the move went really smooth. I would like to give full credit to my moving partner - Inter Movers. I could have gone for several other cheaper movers but I preferred to go with the reputed one and the trick worked for me. These guys are very organized, they know what they are capable of, they have the knowledge necessary to manage a move and they are willing to give their best. I had many vulnerable items and some heavy and fragile furniture along with many electronic gadgets. They did awesome to wrap, box, load, move and unload all my stuffs. It was great that I did not have to encounter any broken or damaged things. Everything was delivered in one piece and within the schedule. I would definitely recommend Inter Movers to all my friends.
2014-08-02, 01:40
They have done terrific While moving from New York, NY to Rome, Italy I used Inter Movers and that was the best decision I have made recently. Their service was simply brilliant. They did everything what they promised and in some matters, they have willingly traveled the extra miles. I saved a lot of money and time because of their helpful suggestions too. I would like to thank the manager, sales rep, foreman, helpers and dispatcher of Inter Movers for an awesome moving experience.
2014-07-30, 01:30
Happy as can be Thank you so much for the excellent service. The guys were on time, accommodating & did the extra packing that we needed help with. They have delivered all our belongings safely all the way from New York to Toronto, Canada and unloaded in a speedy but conscientious manner. The crew also helped to get several heavy boxes to the lower level along with our very heavy piano. We were very pleased with the service and highly recommend Inter Movers to others.
2014-07-11, 02:20
I am a happy customer I have recently moved to Berlin, Germany with my wife and kids from Washington. I was looking for some efficient movers and for that I searched the web and saw some great reviews about Inter Movers. So, I called them and discussed my move. They never pushed me to hire them or did not ask for the deposit. Finally their movers did the rest by providing us the most effortless move ever. It was very professionally done. So, I did not get any chance to complain. I do recommend this company.
Jim Keller
2014-07-11, 02:18
Surprisingly pleasant I have never used a moving company before and was a little hesitant to do it this time as I was about to move to Europe from USA. But it was either find some movers or find new friends because they would have all left me after moving my house yet again. I have quite a bit of furniture and none of it is cheap. Inter Movers did a bang out job with absolutely zero damage and were fun to be around. I don’t plan on moving again anytime soon but the next time a friend asks me to help them move I will tell them to call Inter Movers.
2014-07-10, 02:04
Definitely recommended Alright, I just thought I owed it to these guys to take a minute and tell you what a wonderful job they did during my move from San Antonio, TX to Chennai, India. I have very large and heavy furniture as well as a one piece slate pool table that needed to be completely reflected. These guys made my furniture look light and the pool table looked better when they left than it did when I bought it new 5 years ago. They made my move go off without a hitch and made it more of a task than a nightmare. These guys will be the only ones who move me from here on out. Thanks!!!!!
Allan Wilkins
2014-07-06, 02:06
Perfect Job! I had seen many movers and none were perfect. But fortunately or unfortunately I am a perfectionist. So, obviously I am hard to impress. And this time I was even tougher because this time I am moving across the globe. I was moving from Seattle, WA to Doha, Qatar. But these movers actually impressed me a lot by their awesome service and superb commitment. Inter Movers was the only one who provided a perfect move to me. They came on time with the packing materials, necessary tools and a great van. They wrapped, packed and moved all my furniture and the fragile items according to their condition and later decorated my new house exactly how I was looking for and still managed to complete everything before the allotted time. Also charged a very affordable amount. So, in the end I got impressed and that is why I am recommending them.
2014-07-06, 01:25
Definitely Recommended! The foreman and his crew at Inter Movers were fast, efficient, and professional. They helped me move out of an apartment with narrow halls and a steep staircase - navigating large, heavy items like pros. Even more - they went beyond the call of duty - reassembling a dining room table that had been put together wrong in the first place. I must need to mention the fact that it was an international. I have moved to Mumbai, India from New Jersey using them. Great Job! Definitely Recommended!
2014-07-03, 02:10
Great job by some great movers Few days ago I hired Inter Movers when I was moving to Budapest, Hungary from Seattle, WA. There were heavy furniture, glass shelves; many little show pieces and many vulnerable things. So, I was assuming to have some damaged, broken and missing things after the move. But I am happy that my assumption was wrong. Nothing happened liked the way I thought. Movers were just fantastic. They knew what to do and how. When I checked everything after the move, I did not find a single broken, damaged or missing thing. Everything was in proper order and exactly the way I wanted. Obviously I am highly impressed on them and that is why I am recommending them.
Marc Reid
2014-07-03, 01:39
Recommendation from a customer I am not going to write a huge review. I just want to inform everyone that this is an awesome company. Three days ago they completed an international move for me, which went excellent. Their price was very reasonable and service was world class. The sales guy offered a very reasonable price at the first place and then planned the move perfectly and the crew showed that they are really capable of managing packing, loading and unloading like real pros. Thanks a for a quick and stress free move. I really appreciate your level of service and the way you treated my valuables while moving them to Odessa, Ukraine from New York City.
2014-06-30, 01:07
Highly recommend If you are about to move across the globe, I would highly recommend these guys. They wrapped every piece of furniture and placed smaller breakable items secure it into lined boxes. They also put floor coverings down so as not to make a mess of the premises. They were in charge of my recent move which started from Miami, FL and ended at Delhi, India. Clearly the distance between these 2 places was something to count. But the team of Inter Movers made sure a timely delivery and also kept their promise by delivering all my belongings in one piece. They are not the cheapest but you have to be ready for a handsome payment if you want quality. I do recommend Inter Movers.
2014-06-29, 01:31
Prompt and well trained I have moved several times over the last few years and have had good and bad luck with movers. I would sometimes have a great mover then the next time it would be a horrible experience where the staff was inconsistent. Inter Movers is different, they are all well trained. I used them after seeing the phenomenal job they did during my friend’s move. They are consistent and insisted on doing everything the right way and they knew the right way to do it all. They were also super fast and accommodating in a very stressful situation. Prompt and well trained. They actually exceeded my expectations, I highly recommend Inter Movers for their great service and consistency and price during my own move from New York to Mumbai, India.
Alfred Larson
2014-06-20, 02:22
They made my move look so easy It was hard to believe that they actually executed the move within the allotted time and without any damage and within my budget!! I never expected an international move (Washington DC to Doha, Qatar) going to be that much stress free and smooth. Being honest, I never got a perfect move in the past and that is why I never expected much from Inter Movers. But they surprised me in every possible ways. I was really impressed with their punctuality, professionalism and commitment. These guys are real movers, they know their job and they are willing to give their best. Use them for the best result.
2014-06-19, 01:58
It was a stress free move I am really impressed with the service and very reasonable price of Inter Movers. Recently I used them during my move from Phoenix, AZ to Jerusalem, Israel. No need to mention that it was a move across the globe! They served me really well. All my requirements were fulfilled and the checklist was perfectly maintained. There were plenty of delicate and fragile items but nothing was damaged or scratched. I received everything in great condition and they were running ahead than the schedule. I am happy with such wonderful performance. Surely I am going to recommend Inter Movers to my friends.
Kim Francis
2014-06-16, 02:21
A terrific company I have to relocate a lot because of my job. But recently I had to move across the Globe! My move from Washington to Mumbai, India went really smooth. Their price was very reasonable and the service that I received was way above the average. I was initially worried about the glass ware and the vulnerable furniture but when I received everything in one piece in Mumbai, I was happy like anything. Being honest,Inter Movers served me a lot better than what I was looking for.
2014-06-16, 01:27
Great moving services Recently I got promoted and I had joined our regional country HQ at Shanghai, China. That is why I had to leave New Jersey. I needed a good moving company for the relocation. I searched in the net and choose Inter Movers out of so many options. Actually when I talked with their sales rep I got confidence and it was clear that he knew what he was telling. So, I booked the move with Inter Movers and that paid off. They accommodated the date I wanted to move and did excellent job during the entire move. Packing, loading, moving, unloading all went really smooth and fast and the final cost was less than the quoted amount! I thank Inter Movers for an awesome service and thanks again for not bringing problems in my life.
Alberto Lewis
2014-06-14, 10:28
Thanks a lot guys I had to move to Rome, Italy from Chicago, IL because of my job. I knew I had to hire the best in business because of my belongings. There were many art works, fragile and delicate items and my furniture were really vulnerable and too heavy to handle. So, I did my research and hired Inter Movers for the job. They did not let me down. The estimate was very precise, moving plan was perfect and the execution was terrific. Their movers worked really hard to get the job done within the schedule and without any mishaps. They had their own ways to deal with the move which were very effective and innovative and they knew what they were doing. These guys are highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. They made sure that we get all we wanted and did really well to deliver the best move of my life. Thanks a lot guys.
Javier Pittman
2014-06-14, 01:29
It was quick decision of using Inter Movers. I was in a hurry and I had not enough time to research. So, I just googled and called 4/5 companies and it was Inter Movers which asked for the least amount. Their sales rep was a gem to work with. She was very responsive and attentive. She explained all the steps of the move very precisely and made sure the team delivers the best. They showed up time and were well-equipped. They have carried all the maneuvers with great authority and completed the delivery before the deadline. I must highlight the matter that it was an international move, all the way from New Jersey to Munich, Germany. I personally checked everything and did not witness any mishaps. Thanks a lot guys for an awesome move.
Jack McHugh
2014-04-03, 07:55
Inter-Movers did a phenomenal job with our move from the Philadelphia area to London. They packed and loaded in a single day, scheduled shipping by sea, and arranged pickup and delivery in England. All went exceptionally well with no damage or missing items and in a very timely manner. The entire move was done is less than two weeks form pick up to delivery. It took that long when we moved here from Florida. I would highly recommend these international movers to anyone relocating overseas.
Jackson Everly
2014-03-21, 01:21
I was relocated to Japan and needed to learn about moving overseas. Inter-Movers gave me great advice long before I was ready to move. They explained that I would need to downsize as space was at a premium over there. They offered to store some of my belongings until I returned if I needed to. I took their advice and they were right. My new home for the next couple years was half the size if what I had in the U.S. Inter-Movers made the move overseas a stress free experience.--George Bagdasarian
George Bagdasarian
2014-03-17, 09:51
When I was transferred to Kuwait, for two years, my wife and I were totally lost when it came to moving overseas. We got the best help and advice from Inter-Movers. They handled everything from door to door and helped us to time everything so there would be little time spent in Kuwait without our belongings. We will definitely use this great moving company in the future.
Ann Marie Le Devic
2014-03-07, 01:06
We spent several years living abroad in France and Spain. Both times we moved we had Inter Movers do the job. The first time went so smoothly we never even shopped around the second time. They do all the packing, arrange the shipping, and coordinate the delivery abroad. The only thing we had to move was ourselves. We plan on moving to Paris permanently in a couple years and we will definitely utilize the services of Inter Movers again.
Barbara Shoenfeld
2014-01-21, 02:19
When I was transferred to Germany on my job as a military contractor, I had very little time to find a reliable and affordable overseas mover. I made my decision to hire Inter-Movers quickly, based on their proven track record. It was the best decision I could have made. The move was handled flawlessly from beginning to end right down to knowing exactly how many cubic feet of container space was required. The invoice I paid was exactly what I was quoted. Everything arrived on schedule without any notable damage. I am sure the time will come again when I am called to work abroad and when that time comes, I am going with Inter Movers.
Anthony Mascarelli Yo What's
2014-01-15, 03:20
We were lucky to when we hired Inter Movers for our move overseas to Florence, Italy. We had sold our home and we are spending our retirement here. Inter Movers coordinated the entire move from door to door seamlessly. All of our belongings were delivered in perfect condition after a reasonable time at sea. We would recommend Inter Movers to anyone moving anywhere in the world.
Anna Pappasasasas
2013-12-04, 02:02
Inter Movers made our move from Queens to Athens a stress free event. We were not bringing a lot of items with us as it was our second home. Inter Movers arranged a less than container load shipment for us. Everything arrived intact as scheduled.