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New York International Movers

If you’ve got an overseas or international move coming up in the future, the time to start planning it is now. Whether you’re an individual who is moving overseas, or you represent a business that is sending employees to live overseas for a time, this type of relocation can be difficult. Working with experienced New York international movers is the best way to help prevent any problems or difficulties concerning the move. Inter Movers will work with you to help complete your move professionally. When you’re planning an international move it is important to understand that there are many different things that need to be done. The obvious things like packing up your belongings are just the beginning. International relocations require special shipping services, transport insurance, and often legal documents for customs and other restrictions in foreign nations. Our New York international movers are aware of all of these types of things, and will help ensure you are ready for them.

Partners in Your International Move

We aren’t just a company of typical movers who want to help you pack things up. We will be there for you throughout the move to help you with every question or problem you might have. Our New York international movers can even provide you with full door-to-door moving services, where you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll pack everything up, get it to the shipping port, load it onto the cargo ship and send it on its way. When your belongings arrive in the port closes to your final destination, we’ll have professional movers there to pick it up and bring it to your new home or business. Our goal at Inter Movers is to help make your relocation as easy as possible. We are able to do this by putting our experience to work for you. Over the years we have developed professional relationships with the necessary companies and services, so we know exactly what needs to be done. This includes cargo shipping companies and many others. In addition, we know all the laws and other restrictions associated with bringing things into or out of different countries, so we can have all the necessary paperwork filled out and ready to go so there aren’t any unnecessary delays.

Our Full Line of Moving Services

Whether you’re just moving to another country and only need a few things relocated, or your business is sending an entire team to a foreign office, we are there for you. We can offer you all the necessary services to ensure the entire move goes smoothly. This starts with moving consultation services where we can provide information about what needs to be done, but that isn’t all. We also offer storage services, tracking services and much more. If you have any questions about your move, or our services, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our international moving experts at 646-753-8323. We will take the time to talk with you about all your needs, and set you up with the top New York international movers for your relocation.