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Items We Move

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International shipping is quite a bit different than a domestic relocation, and when you are moving overseas, it can get even more complicated. We have the experience necessary to help ensure your entire move goes smoothly. Our experts are able to help move just about anything you might need, and make sure that it arrives at your destination in the same condition as when we picked it up. When scheduling a move, we’ll need to have a general list of what types of things we will need to ship. Some items will need special permits and arrangements, but we will handle all of that type of work. This page will provide some general information about the types of goods we ship, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have something that you need relocated that is not on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Shipping Household Goods Internationally

When moving locally most people are used to paying based on the weight of the items involved. For international shipping, however, the costs are based on the volume of the items, in cubic feet. This is because items are typically packed into shipping containers, which don’t have strict limits on the weight since they go on large cargo freight carriers. To help determine the total volume of your items, we offer an online estimate form, which will give you a good idea of the price. For a more exact estimate, we can perform an in-home estimate. We regularly move all types of household items, including furniture, many appliances, art, antiques, pianos and much more. We also move clothing, dinnerware, toys and electronics, though these items should be safely boxed up to ensure there aren’t any trouble. Of course, keep in mind that most countries overseas use DC electricity, so most appliances and electronics will require an adapter to be safely used. We can also move your automobile or boat without a problem. Just let us know the make and model, and we’ll provide you with a no obligation estimate for having it moved to your new home.


Shipping Businesses Overseas

Relocating business overseas happens quite often, and we are happy to help with the moving process. It is more efficient to simply purchase new items in the new location for some types of things, but for more expensive equipment, shipping it is the obvious choice. We can help pack up and move computers and other important items to be safely shipped. For manufacturing facilities, we can help make arrangements for all types of machinery and equipment. Even oversized equipment can be shipped without a problem. If you’re relocating your business overseas, contact us to help make all the arrangements. It is important to have everything scheduled properly to avoid unnecessary down time in the business, and we’ll help to make all those arrangements. We can even schedule multiple moves to ensure you are able to stay up and operational during the move. Whatever you and your business need during the move, we can help to provide it every step of the way.