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Why We’re Inter Movers LLC

What do you look for in an international moving company? Stability? Secure Transportation? Reassurance? Dependability? Planners? How many moving companies say “they have your back” and how many of them actually mean it and prove it to you? Inter Movers LLC proves it from the very beginning of your move, by helping you account for every small detail. Maybe even things you didn’t think of yourself, prior to moving. We know there are many different people out there with unique situations. However, our approach to helping each individual mover remains the same, which is why we deliver such a successful and memorable long distance moving experience. There are people who are first time movers, inexperienced movers, people who had bad experiences in the past, and people who are very hands-on from lack of trust. We accommodate all our customers the same because we understand where they are coming from. This is why your typical long distance move isn’t so typical with Inter Movers LLC.

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Inter Movers Location

54 Freeman St., Newark, N.J. 07105 Whether you’re in the New Jersey area or not, we are happy to help you with your move. Contact us at 877-287-8874 or 646-753-8323 or Email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements for your move.


 Inter Movers is dedicated to helping make all your international and overseas moves go smoothly. Not only do we provide direct moving services to our customers, but we also help with the planning of the move as well. International moving can get quite complicated, so taking advantage of our expertise is a great way to ensure you don’t run into any problems. You can start the planning of your move by browsing through this website, where we offer a variety of different resources and information to help you along the way. When you’re ready, you can contact us directly to start scheduling your move. When you call, you’ll be speaking with an experienced moving consultant who will be able to answer any questions you might have, and help you to make any arrangements needed along the way.


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